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Allow external users to email Google Group


Enable external users to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with your Google Group by granting them the ability to send emails, fostering efficient and inclusive discussions among both internal and external participants. Learn how to configure the necessary settings to facilitate external email communication within your Google Group, expanding its reach and engagement.

Step by step interactive demo

Steps to allow external users to email Google Group

1. Navigate to

1 Click here

2. Search for and click on "Groups"

2 Click on "Groups"

3. Click on the group you want to edit. We'll this one.

3 Click on "friends"



5. Click on the edit icon

5 Click on ""

6. Click on "External" for "Who can post"

6 Click on "
External can Who can post"

7. Click "External" for "Who can contact group owners"

7 Click on "
External can ..."

8. Scroll down and click "Allow members outside the organization"

8 Click here

9. Click on "SAVE"

9 Click on "SAVE"

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