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Our Story

Helping companies create better demos

Communicating how products work is critical — whether it's for salespeople to close deals, enable customers, or for explaining a complex workflow within support or training.

But doing so is either really bad, takes a ton of time, or is really expensive and doesn’t scale - typically done through 1-on-1 screen sharing, time-consuming videos, or support documentation that’s notoriously out of date.

And despite almost every software company having the need to communicate, demo and document, they still suffer from preventable support calls, duplicated work, lost sales, or worse - churn from customer frustration.

As serial entrepreneurs, Joseph and Koushik (Supademo's co-founders) experienced this first hand: often struggling to explain complex features or the "aha" moments in their product without spending hours on scripting, re-recording, and editing.

And that’s the problem Supademo is here to solve.

The Supademo Impact

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Our Mission & Values

We imagine a world where anyone can demonstrate complex products with ease, without the manual work, friction and effort

At Supademo, our goal is to become the standard for demonstrating products and workflow, akin to how Zoom and Calendly reinvented how we meet virtually or schedule time.

Radical Candor

We foster an environment where we give and receive candid, productive feedback early and often - but with the right tone and respect.

Outcomes Oriented

Push each other for growth and high outcomes - without micro-managing and overly focusing on inputs.

Be Water

Be willing to wear many different hats and focus on moving the needle forward - without a fixation on role boundaries or responsibilities.

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