The fastest and easiest product demo maker on Earth

Bring life to your product demos to close more deals, drive enablement and scale product onboarding.

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Product Demo Maker

Transform the way you create product demos

Use the extension or desktop app to record your steps. Or create one from scratch by uploading your own images and videos.

Record using the Chrome extension

Record any web app using the extension. Record actions, clicks, and interactions within the browser environment as you navigate through the app.

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Recording using the desktop app

Don’t stop at websites and web apps. Record desktop apps, code editors, or mobile emulators to create engaging interactive product demos.

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Create from image and video uploads

Upload your existing videos and screenshots to rapidly transform them into step-by-step, interactive demos - with minimal effort and time.

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Figma Plugin

Transform Figma files into interactive prototypes

Upload your existing Figma frames to Supademo to create high-fidelity, interactive prototypes and validate new features. With less effort and more ease.

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The fastest and easiest product demo maker on Earth