Transform Figma screens into elegant, interactive prototypes

Streamline product design and validation with Figma prototypes with personalization, viewer analytics, AI voiceovers and more.

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Intuitive Editor

Quicker and better Figma prototypes

By using Supademo, you can supercharge your existing Figma screens and transform them into a high-fidelity, realistic interactive product demos.

Customized styles

Add and customize hotspots to point to specific area/component, incorporate callouts, or highlight areas.

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Share and view your prototypes on desktop, mobile, tablet without compromising quality and UX.

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Easy updates

Incorporate changes and new design iterations without the hassle of rebuilding complex screen linkages and interactions from scratch.

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Personalized prototypes for every viewer

Create truly dynamic and immersive clickable Figma prototypes that leverage dynamic variables like viewer name and branching journeys based on user choices.

Add voiceovers and translations

Instantly translate your Figma prototype content into multiple languages. Bring your prototypes to life with manual or AI-generated voiceovers.

AI voice and text feature

Add text, chapters and CTAs

Give your prototype context with title/subtext. Also add CTA button to an external link or to any step within the same Supademo.

Zoom and pan feature

Built-in email capture and surveys

Add surveys and email forms to your prototypes to to collect valuable viewer data.

Showcase feature

Password-protect your prototpyes

Password-protect Figma demos so sensitive content is accessible to only authorized users.

Showcase feature

Autoplay your prototype

Autoplay or loop your prototype without viewer interaction - perfect for trade shows, conferences, or website embeds.

CTA feature

Share, embed or export your prototype

Share your interactive prototype as a shareable link or embed it anywhere on the web. Or export it as a GIF or video instantly.

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Prototype Analytics

Understand what works and what doesn’t

Evaluate and improve the performance of your interactive prototype by tracking viewers, engagement, and completion rates by demo and time-period.

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Frequently asked questions

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