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Screen Recording

Record any product or workflow

Say goodbye to video scripts, re-recording, or manual screenshots with no context. Supademo transforms any product flow into an engaging interactive demo.

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Web Apps
Use the Chrome extension to capture processes on any website.
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Desktop Apps
Create by uploading screenshots and images from desktop apps.
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Mobile Apps
Upload screenshots from your mobile and tablet devices.

Intuitive, user-friendly editing

Add, edit or replace hotspots and screens through an easy-to-use editor.

Personalize Hotspots

Add multiple hotspots, format text, and customize the design of your hotspots.

Personalize hotspots

Blur, Crop and Annotate

Easily redact any sensitive information directly within the editor. Crop slides or highlight areas with callouts.

Blur and crop

Upload Company Branding

Add a professional touch by adding your custom domain, logo, brand colors, and more.

Company branding

Enhance with advanced features

Drive engagement and adoption with beautifully interactive, personalized Supademos.

AI Voiceover and Text

Overlay synthetic, AI-powered voices to any Supademo. Leverage Gen AI to rewrite text hotspots based on prompt and context.

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Zoom and Pan

Enable viewers to zoom into specific areas on the screen to narrow their focus.

Zoom and pan feature

Multi-demo Showcases

Showcase complex features by grouping multiple Supademos into a single link.

Showcase feature


Loop through slides without user interaction for added views and engagement.

Showcase feature

Dynamic Variables

Dynamically personalize your Supademo for each viewer in sequences or onboarding.

CTA feature

Gated Demos

Capture email leads or limit demo access using passwords.

Zoom and pan feature

Conditional Branching

Allow viewers to choose their own journey with multi-flow chapters or custom hotspot targets - ensuring a better interactive and engaging experience.

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Share with anyone, anywhere

Whether you want to email Supademo to a prospect, embed in your help center, or share as an onboarding playbook, we’ve got you covered.

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See who views and completes your Supademo

Improve the performance of your Supademo by tracking viewers, engagement, and completion rates by demo and time-period.

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The fastest way to create interactive product demos