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Best Practices for Leveraging AI within SaaS Products

Best Practices for Leveraging AI within SaaS Products
A post from Supademo's Founder and CEO, Joseph Lee

As a repeat founder who’s hungry for growth and learning, I’ve always been fascinated with AI. I first started experimenting with various AI models and tools in 2019.

Now, fast forward to 2023 and generative AI is a core driver within Supademo, my latest technology venture. At Supademo, AI amplifies our value proposition and helps us embolden our mission of helping teams communicate products more effectively.

Case in point, here's an example of a Supademo that’s been enhanced by our suite of generative AI features.

Why should SaaS companies care about generative AI?

Simply put, because they will have to. AI  is quickly becoming table stakes and an expected feature benefit in any leading SaaS platform.

But the topic of AI can be daunting too many SaaS founders - who often have the preconceived notion that AI adoption is difficult and arduous. Or that leveraging AI comes with sweeping changes throughout their organization and business processes.

However, adoption is not as daunting or complex as folks may think. The vast proliferation and democratization of AI have now made it easy for any business, regardless of size, to iteratively experiment and apply AI in their workflow. Tools like ChatGPT, ElevenLabs, or Polly can be leveraged in small, nuanced ways, without disruptive change on core business functions.

Hence, it’s important for SaaS organizationsto get on the “AI train” and start experimenting with the technology early and often. This way, they can hit the ground running when AI inevitably becomes “table stakes” and an expected function by end customers.

How can SaaS companies adapt to generative AI?

As mentioned above, the key point is to start experimenting in small doses and learn as much as you can. AI doesn’t need to be overwrite your existing prices.

In fact, it’s better to start small by building an initial proof of concept and focusing on learning - instead of being overly fixated on monetary or success-based outcomes right away.

Any words of caution or wisdom for using generative AI in SaaS?

In Supademo’s case, generative AI amplifies our solution to an already existing problem. In the same way, SaaS businesses should be steadfast in solving a real problem with AI, instead of building a novel solution that is in search of a problem.

Like any new cutting-edge technology, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype and hysteria and start building without a crystal clear grasp of the problem at hand.

Instead of building blindly and ending up with an solution in search of a problem, businesses must explore how AI can help solve existing customer problems in a cheaper, faster, and higher fidelity fashion.

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