Missed our December update? Highlights included:
• Zoom and pan
• Replace slides without changing hotspots
• Videos in media library

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Conditional Branching

Branching allows your viewers to choose their own demo journey within your Supademo - ensuring a better interactive and engaging experience.

This includes:

  • The ability to add multiple CTAs/buttons to Supademo Chapters - each with their own unique target URL or demo step;
  • The ability to set a unique target demo step for hotspot(s)

Ultimately, branching can help you create demos that lead to higher engagement, more qualified leads, and personalization at scale.

Example of Branching in Action

Branching is available to all Scale and Enterprise customers.

Supademo Chapters

Overlays and CTAs are now called Supademo Chapters. Along with the new name, Chapters can be used to capture leads, password-protect demos, or add conditional branching (more below).

You can add multiple Chapters within a Supademo and choose to link the CTA button to an external link or to any step within the same Supademo. In addition, you'll be able to select either a dark or light theme that aligns with your brand.

To add a Chapter, simply click the "+" before or after the slide you'd like it to appear.

Chapters is available to users in all plans.

Gated Access

Email Lead Capture

You can now capture email leads throughout your Supademo by adding a mandatory or optional email form to a Supademo Chapter.

This allows you to collect valuable data on who is viewing and interacting with your Supademo.

As viewers fill in your lead form, you'll receive email notifications each time they enter in their email. Lead analytics and integrations will be arriving soon in another update. Check out the interactive demo of this feature here.

Email Lead Capture is available to all Scale and Enterprise customers.

Password Protect

Password Protect allows you to gate your Supademo to specific audiences by adding by locking it with a password.

This feature allows you to limit the distribution of sensitive or proprietary Supademos, so they don't get into the hands of unintended audiences. Check out the interactive demo of this feature here.

Password Protect is available to all Scale and Enterprise customers.

Monthly Demo Recap

Monthly Demo Recaps are performance emails that highlight the top Supademos in your Personal and Shared workspace.

  • This monthly email helps you track the health/performance of demos quickly and efficiently at a passing glance;
  • When paired with Analytics, these recaps help bring focus to successful or performant demos so they can be applied to other demos;
Monthly Demo Recaps are available to all Pro, Scale, and Enterprise customers and is automatically sent out at the last day of each month.

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