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We're super excited to announce Supademo Showcases - the new way to share multiple interactive product demos and click-through guides ✨

Showcases allow creators to group together related or complimentary Supademos into a single, shareable page. Showcases are a much-requested feature so we're excited to unlock this superpower for our ~3000 users!

Here's how Showcases work

  1. Navigate to the new Showcase Page within your personal tab or within the team workspace.
  2. Create a Showcase by adding Section Headers and searching/selecting pertinent Supademos under each section.
  3. Edit your SEO properties and share your new Showcase as a URL, anywhere online!

Example Showcase use cases

Since Showcases enable viewers to interact with multiple walkthroughs in sequential or non-linear workflows, it's perfect for:

  • Customer Success & Onboarding: "starter kits" or "onboarding modules" to maximize user activation and drive users to successful outcomes, step-by-step;
  • Product Marketing: showcase multiple features and product benefits in easily digestible modules - or create a Showcase for each different persona;
  • Pre-sales: create and send Showcases for different ICPs and sales demo recaps: perfect for empowering your champion or looping in decision makers;
  • Training: create employee onboarding guides, best practices, or learning modules to scale up your knowledge repository;

Showcase Examples

Here are three example Supademo Showcases we created to demonstrate some useful ways you can leverage this new feature:

  1. Strava - showcasing features to sales prospects
  2. Freshline - employee onboarding checklist
  3. Supademo - customer onboarding guide

We're excited to see what you create with Supademo Showcases. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

Joseph Lee

Co-founder @ Supademo

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