We've been hard at work shipping code. Here's the latest:

Improved Supademo Showcases

Supademo now supports Showcases on mobile and when embedded on external websites and tools.

If you aren't already aware of this feature, Supademo Showcases are the new way to share multiple interactive product demos and click-through guides ✨

Since Showcases enable viewers to interact with multiple walkthroughs in sequential or non-linear workflows, it's perfect for:

  • Customer Success & Onboarding: "starter kits" or "onboarding modules" to maximize user activation and drive users to successful outcomes, step-by-step;
  • Product Marketing: showcase multiple features and product benefits in easily digestible modules - or create a Showcase for each different persona;
  • Pre-sales: create and send Showcases for different ICPs and sales demo recaps: perfect for empowering your champion or looping in decision makers;
  • Training: create employee onboarding guides, best practices, or learning modules to scale up your knowledge repository;

Improved Workspace Collaboration

To enhance team management, we have introduced new member roles so you can leverage Supademo across more departments, teams, and use cases:

  • Admin: Can change workspace settings, billing, and manage users
  • Creator: Can create, edit and share unlimited Supademos with access to all Pro features
  • Viewer: Can view, share, or embed existing Supademos in the workspace for free (up to 25 free)

Read about our updated roles and permissions here.

Export Supademo as a Gif and Video


We're excited to release video and Gif exports to all Supademo plans. This feature allows you to export any Supademo (up to 15 steps) in video format - ready to be shared on Youtube, emails, help docs, and more.

Try it out by clicking Share → Export from a Supademo you would like to export. Once exported, they'll be processed and emailed over. Remember to give it up to 5 minutes to arrive in your inbox (or junk inbox).

Here are step-by-step instructions:

⏳ In Progress

  • Analytics V2: more reporting and granular session info for data-driven decision making
  • Generative AI: unlocking opportunities to personalize, contextualize, and scale product demonstrations

Questions? Feedback?

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