Missed our last product update? Highlights include:
• Auto-Zoom Effect
• Advanced Video Export Settings
• Demo Info Display Options

Subfolder support

One of the most requested features is now live! We have added the ability to add subfolders for improved organization and information hierarchy.

Recommended way to leverage subfolders include:

  • Organizing shared workspaces by use cases (i.e. marketing, sales, CS)
  • Grouping together Supademos by persona (PM), prospect/opportunity (Microsoft), or product/feature (Analytics/Website);

Try it out directly on your Supademo dashboard.

Dashboard home page

Your Dashboard Home is a new, centralized space to access your most recent Supademo, access learning resources, and find inspiration on new use cases.

We'll be continuously refining this page over the coming weeks, so please stay tuned!

In addition to this new page, we've rolled out several design and usability improvements across the Supademo dashboard. This includes new way to toggle Supademo and Showcases by All, Shared Workspace and Personal.

Demo-specific branding

You now have the ability to customize the logo and the share link button for each Supademo, rather than for the entire workspace.

This is especially useful for the following use cases:

  • You want to create a personalized page with your client's logo and button;
  • You want to set a different button URL and logo for different product lines;
  • You want different branded pages for internal or external demos;

As always, you can set workspace-wide themes in your Workspace Theme tab. To override this for a specific demo page, simply navigate to the Supademo's Theme page and upload your desired logo and button URL and text!

Copy and paste between Supademo

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste slides from one Supademo to another. This works with Chapters, image steps, and video steps.

To take advantage of this time-saving shortcut, simply use one of the following commands after selecting a slide from the Supademo edit page:

  • Command+C (Copy on Mac)
  • Command+X (Cut on Mac)
  • Control+C (Copy on Windows)
  • Control+X (Cut on Windows)

After copying or cutting the slide desired, navigate to the next Supademo and:

  • Command+V (Paste on Mac)
  • Control+V (Paste on Windows)

This will make your Supademos much more maintainable and help you reuse existing content.

Other improvements

We have added several usability improvements to make your Supademo creation and editing process faster and more seamless. These include:

Preview from current step

You can now preview Supademo from specific steps, making it easier to troubleshoot and preview specific slides. Previews now display your theme's logo, colors, and button – just like it would for an external viewer.

Multi-Select Keyboard Shortcut

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to multi-select slides on the Supademo edit screen. Simply Control+Click / Command+Click to select specific slides or Shift+Click to select multiple slides to copy or cut on the edit page.

More Authentication Options

We have added additional authentication options to simplify the signup and login process for users that prefer to authenticate through other services.

Automatically add hotspots to manual uploads

We now automatically add a placeholder hotspot at the center of the screen whenever an image is manually uploaded onto an existing Supademo.

In addition, clicking the "Hotspot" button will automatically add one to the center of the screen to save creators time.

Clickable text steps below Supademo

You can now enable or disable clickable text steps below your Supademo's link share page. Viewers can quickly review every step for that Supademo and click specific steps to be taken directly to the slide that pertains to the text step.

This can help improve SEO for public demos and help simplify navigation, especially on mobile and tablet devices with vertically-oriented screens.

Cropping improvements

We have resolved issues with the cropping mechanism on Supademo such that the dimensions of the slide properly reflect the cropped dimensions and aspect ratio.

Onboarding improvements

The onboarding and signup process (for both new and invited users) has been improved. Key improvements include:

  1. An onboarding checklist shown directly on the new user's Supademo Home page;
  2. Better workspace joining recommendations based on signing up domain vs. searching for a specific workspace admin's email;
  3. The ability to enable auto-join for any new users with the same email domain;
  4. Simplified recording and signup flow during initial registration;

And much more!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Refactored Supademo link view and embed page for speed, performance, and stability improvements;
  • Refactored dashboard page for improved stability and speed improvement
  • Resolved issue where feature image is incorrect for custom domain
  • Optimize Demo page for SEO
  • Fix fullscreen aspect ratio bug for large monitors and android devices

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