Zoom and Pan

With Zoom and Pan, you can help viewers to zoom into specific areas on the screen to narrow their focus. This is ideal for highlighting small buttons, text, or simply focusing the user's attention within a complex page.

This feature is available in the new Scale plan and enterprise plan. All Pro users can get a free 14 day trial of Scale by clicking here.

Replace Image within Steps

This feature allows you to quickly replace the background image/screenshot for an existing step within your Supademo.

This is handy for instances where you want to retain the existing hotspot text and analytics for a particular step but want to reflect changes in your UI or design.

To replace an existing image, simply click the toolbar for a step in the editor and click "Replace Image":

Videos support within Media Library

Your media library now includes the ability to quickly add video recordings from previous Supademo recordings - helping you repurpose content more effectively.

Simply click Media from the edit screen, choose either Images or Videos, and click the ones you'd like to add onto your Supademo!

Steps Copy (Alpha)

Copy screenshots and text from every Supademo step - ideal for pasting in documents or platforms that don't support iFrames. Here's a quick overview:

Supademo Referrals

Are you a fan of Supademo? Do you routinely share Supademo with colleagues, friends, and customers? Want to get rewarded for something you already do?!

Well, you're in luck!

With our new in-app referral program, you can earn up to $2000 per referral by receiving a 20% commission for each month your referred account subscribes to a paid account. Here's a short post with more details.

Other Improvement and Bugfixes

Over the last month, we've been focused on improving stability and performance, while resolving several bugfixes. Here's a non-exhaustive list of updates:

  • Resolved issue where dashboard back button would periodically malfunction on certain browsers;
  • Improved the rendering and performance of videos;
  • Improved performance and caching of Supademos and queries;
  • Resolved issue where video steps would automatically open in full-screen mode on mobile;
  • Resolve recording issues on Arc, Edge, and Opera;
  • Ensure Supademo recording is stopped when Chrome's native "Stop Sharing" button is clicked;
  • Resolve issue where voiceover is cut off prematurely when autoplay step duration is shorter than the narration length;
  • Resolved issue where tooltip appears in wrong location on first load;
  • Use same contextual search component on showcases as the main workspace;

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