Interactive Supademo

In Supademo

1) First, download a Gif of the Supademo you would like to embed.

2) Click on "Download GIF" to save it to your downloads

3) Next, copy the Share URL of your Supademo by clicking on "Copy link"

On Intercom

1) Click on the support article you would like to embed Supademo into

2) Drag and drop the downloaded Gif onto the article

3) Next, click the link option for Gif you added

4) Paste it into the preivously copied Share URL link This ensures customers go to the live Supademo link if they click the gif.

5) When you're done, click save and "Publish"

6) You'll now see an auto-playing gif of your Supademo embedded. If a user clicks this...

7) They'll be taken to the full, interactive Supademo!

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