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1. First off, we need to enable iFrame embeds. Let's click on the settings icon to enable this.

1 Click here

2. After that, click on "Guide settings".

2 Click on "Guide settings"

3. After scrolling down, make sure you click on "Display unsafe content" to enable iframes.

3 Click on "Display unsafe content"

4. Now, let's go to "Manage articles" to create a new article.

4 Click on "Manage articles"

5. After that, click on the add icon and choose "Article".

5 Click on "Article"

6. Afterwards, click on the code icon.

6 Click here

7. This is where you want to embed the Supademo embed code. Next we'll go to the find the Supademo we want to share.

7 Click on "

8. Next, head to the Supademo you want to embed and click on "Copy Code".

8 Click on "Copy Code"

9. Once you've embedded the code snippet here, click on "Apply".

9 Click on "Apply"

10. Your Supademo has been embedded!

10 Click here

11. **Optional:**: To embed vertically scrolling steps, click on "Copy as HTML" under Copy Steps.

11 Click on "Copy as HTML"

12. And copy this into your article by clicking the "" button again from the previous steps.

12 Click on "Apply"

13. To conclude, click on "Save" on Zendesk!

13 Click on "Save"

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