Enhance your Calendly experience by learning how to seamlessly incorporate custom URLs into your events. This guide empowers you to optimize your scheduling workflow, providing step-by-step instructions to add personalized links to your Calendly events. Elevate user engagement and simplify navigation, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both you and your invitees. Streamline your scheduling process with this comprehensive guide on customizing URLs in Calendly, optimizing efficiency and clarity in event management.

1. Navigate to your Event types.

1 Click on "Event types"

2. Access the event's settings.

2 Click here

3. Select Edit for more options.

3 Click on "Edit"

4. Proceed to Booking page options.

4 Click on "Asking for name, email, +1 question"
5 Click on "Add custom link"
6 Click here

7. Validate your action by clicking on Done.

7 Click on "Done"

8. Finish the process by hitting Save and close.

8 Click on "Save and close"

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