Streamline your scheduling process in Calendly by incorporating reminders for attendees. Elevate user experience and simplify navigation with timely reminders, ensuring seamless coordination and attendance. This comprehensive guide walks you through the effortless process of adding reminders to attendees within Calendly, enhancing efficiency and clarity in event management for a more organized and successful scheduling experience.

1. Locate and click the button for ' settings'

1 Click on "30 Minute Meeting settings"

2. Next, locate and click the 'Edit' button

2 Click on "Edit"

3. Now find and click the 'Communications' section

3 Click on "Communications

4. Look for a specific icon to click on

4 Click here

5. Look for a toggle switch and turn it on

5 Click here

6. Again, find and turn on the toggle switch for 'Email follow up'

6 Click here

7. Look for another specific icon to click on

7 Click here

8. You see an 'Edit' option, click on it to adjust the reminder details

8 Click on "Edit"

9. Now, click on the input field to set the time for email reminders

9 Click here

10. Once all is set, locate and click 'Save and close' button to finalize changes

10 Click on "Save and close"

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