Streamline your scheduling process with Calendly by following this comprehensive guide on adding and managing your schedule. Enhance user experience by incorporating relevant details and preferences, making it easy for others to identify and book time slots. This step-by-step tutorial ensures a seamless process for creating and utilizing your schedule in Calendly, offering increased efficiency and clarity in managing your appointments and engagements.

1. Begin by selecting the 'Availability' option.

1 Click on "Availability"

2. Click on the 'Create schedule' button to start creating a new schedule.

2 Click on "Create schedule"

3. Once your details are entered, hit the 'Create' button to proceed.

3 Click on "Create"

4. Specify your availability by entering a start time in the 'From' section.

4 Click here

5. Select '5:00pm' as your preferred starting time.

5 Click on "5:00pm"

6. Now specify your finishing time in the 'To' section.

6 Click here

7. We'll set '8:00pm' as your preferred finishing time.

7 Click on "8:00pm"

8. Use the replicate feature to quickly duplicate these settings, if needed.

8 Click here

9. Apply these settings by clicking on the 'Apply' button.

9 Click on "Apply"

10. You've done it! Your new schedule is now set up.

10 Click here

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