Streamline your processes in Brevo by creating organized and efficient forms. Elevate user interaction and simplify data collection with this comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly construct and utilize forms within the Brevo platform. Enhance efficiency and clarity in data management, empowering you to optimize your workflow and improve overall user experience.

1. Start by selecting 'Contacts' from your menu options.

1 Click on "Contacts"

2. Next, look for and select 'Forms' within your contacts area.

2 Click on "Forms"

3. Then, locate and select the 'Create a subscription form' option.

3 Click on "Create a subscription form"

4. Please enter a unique Form name in the provided input field.

4 Click here

5. When satisfied, proceed by clicking 'Next'.

5 Click on "Next"

6. Design your Form to your liking and confirm your changes by again clicking 'Next'.

6 Click on "Next"

7. Choose the appropriate contact list to share your forms with.

7 Click here

8. Continue your setup by selecting 'Next'.

8 Click on "Next"

9. If desired, opt to send a confirmation mail by selecting the designated radio button.

9 Click here

10. You may choose a template for the confirmation email at this time.

10 Click here

11. Confirm your selection by clicking 'Next'.

11 Click on "Next"

12. Now, focus on the content of your form

12 Click on "Next"
13 Click on "Preview your form"

14. When happy with your form, finalize your creation by clicking 'Done'.

14 Click on "Done"

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