Streamline your email marketing strategy with Mailerlite by mastering the creation of segments. Enhance your campaign targeting by efficiently organizing and categorizing your audience based on specific criteria. This comprehensive guide walks you through the seamless process of creating segments in Mailerlite, empowering you to optimize your email campaigns for improved targeting, engagement, and overall effectiveness. Boost efficiency and clarity in your email marketing efforts with this step-by-step tutorial on segment creation within the Mailerlite platform.

1. Navigate to the 'Subscribers' section.

1 Click on "Subscribers"

2. Apply relevant filters to shape your desired subscriber segment.

2 Click on "Choose a filter"

3. Opt to 'Save' your filters as a segment.

3 Click on "Save as segment"

4. Assign a unique name for your new segment.

4 Click here

5. Confirm the creation of your segment by clicking 'Create'.

5 Click on "Create"

6. To make use of your new segment, transition to the 'Campaigns' area.

6 Click on "Campaigns"

7. Select 'Edit' to modify a campaign.

7 Click on "Edit"

8. Again choose 'Edit' to adjust recipient settings.

8 Click on "Edit"

9. Deselect the option for all subscribers.

9 Click here

10. Locate your newly created segment and tick to select.

10 Click here

11. Once selected, finalize your recipient settings.

11 Click on "Close

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