Streamline your Calendly account management by customizing user roles before inviting them. Optimize workflow organization and enhance user experience by tailoring roles to specific needs. This guide offers a seamless process for creating and customizing roles, ensuring efficiency and clarity in user management within the Calendly platform. Improve collaboration and communication by empowering administrators to set up roles that align with your team's unique requirements.

1. Click here to invite user

1 Click on "Invite user"

2. Customize permissions for the upcoming teammate.

2 Click on "Customize permissions"

3. Enter the list of other emails that should also be added.

3 Click here

4. Create a new group for these contacts for future use.

4 Click on "Create a new group"

5. Give your new group a name and continue.

5 Click on "Continue"

6. Ready to set roles? Click Next.

6 Click on "Next: Set roles"

7. Need to adjust their role? Click to change.

7 Click on "User"

8. Ready to Assign event types? Click Next.

8 Click on "Next: Assign event types"

9. Now, to finalize, click Send invitation again.

9 Click on "Send invitation"

10. To manage your team, navigate to the Admin management section.

10 Click on "Admin management"

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