Streamline your process in Brevo by efficiently importing deals from your CRM. Enhance user experience and simplify navigation by incorporating relevant tags for quick identification. This comprehensive guide offers a seamless step-by-step process for creating and utilizing tags, optimizing efficiency and clarity in deal management within the Brevo platform.

1. Start by setting up your first deal.

1 Click on "Create your first deal"

2. Next, opt for the option to import deals.

2 Click on "Import deals"

3. Now, proceed to upload your CRM deal sheet.

3 Click here

4. Afterward, ensure that your file is confirmed.

4 Click on "Confirm your file"

5. Carefully map out any deal details that shouldn't be imported.

5 Click on "Do not import"

6. Then, go ahead and affirm your choices.

6 Click on "Confirm"

7. Lastly, verify your import to finalize the process successfully.

7 Click on "Confirm your import"

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