Efficiently navigate the ClickUp Doc editor with this comprehensive guide, optimizing your workflow and enhancing document creation. Learn to access the editor seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and productive experience. This guide empowers users to leverage ClickUp's editing capabilities, fostering efficiency and clarity in document management within the ClickUp platform.

1. Start by selecting the plus icon to create a new document.

1 Click here

2. Next, choose the Doc option from the dropdown list.

2 Click on "Doc"

3. Now, click into the text area and input the slash symbol.

3 Click on "

4. Great! The editor table should now be visible.

4 Click on "SUGGESTIONS"

5. Alternatively, access is also available through the plus button.

5 Click here

6. That's it, you've successfully accessed the editor table again.

6 Click on "SUGGESTIONS"

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