Enhance your Canva profile with a personalized touch by adding a background to your profile picture. Elevate your visual presence and stand out with this step-by-step guide on seamlessly incorporating backgrounds. Improve your online identity, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and customized look that reflects your style. This comprehensive guide empowers you to effortlessly enhance your profile picture in Canva, allowing you to create a visually appealing and distinctive online presence.

1. Start by clicking on 'Create a design' button

1 Click on "Create a design"

2. Next, choose 'Instagram Post' from the options

2 Click on "Instagram Post (Square)"

3. Now, it's time to upload your picture

3 Click here

4. Trim and position your picture to fit perfectly in the frame

4 Click here

5. Look for the 'Elements' and search for 'Gradient'

5 Click here

6. Type in or select 'Gradient' from the options

6 Click on "gradient"

7. Drag and drop your choice of gradient to the workspace

7 Click here

8. Once satisfied, click the share button

8 Click here

9. Navigate and click on the 'Download' button

9 Click on "Download"

10. Last but not least, pick your desired file type and download your masterpiece.

10 Click on "Download"

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