Enhance your design in Canva effortlessly by adding a polished touch with borders. Elevate visual appeal and structure by incorporating borders into your creations. This guide walks you through a seamless process, offering step-by-step instructions on how to add a border to your design in Canva. Elevate your design aesthetics and achieve a refined look with this user-friendly feature, ensuring clarity and visual impact in your creative projects.

1. Choose your desired Canva design.

1 Click on "(opens in a new tab or window)"

2. Now, tap on elements to add an image to your design.

2 Click here

3. Select the image you wish to include.

3 Click here

4. Hit the 'Edit Image' option to adjust the image attributes.

4 Click on "Edit image"

5. Click on 'See All' to explore more editing possibilities.

5 Click on "See all"

6. Select a frame of your choice to enhance your image.

6 Click here

7. Done selecting? Click 'Apply' to add the frame.

7 Click on "Apply"

8. Let's add some element

8 Click here

9. Type 'border' in the search bar to find a suitable border design.

9 Click here

10. Pick a border design that complements your image.

10 Click here

11. Well done! You've successfully added a border to your design.

11 Click here

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