Enhance your design aesthetics in Canva with a step-by-step guide on adding a drop shadow. Elevate visual appeal and depth by seamlessly incorporating shadows into your elements. This comprehensive tutorial ensures a smooth process, empowering you to skillfully implement drop shadows and refine the overall design in Canva, fostering creativity and clarity in your projects.

1. Start by selecting the 'Elements' on your screen.

1 Click on "Elements"

2. Next, navigate to 'Photos' and choose the 'See all' option.

2 Click on "See all"

3. Now, select the image you wish to modify.

3 Upload

4. Proceed by clicking on 'Edit photo'.

4 Click on "Edit photo"

5. Look for the 'Shadows' feature and select it.

5 Click on "Image"

6. Now, select the 'Drop' feature within 'Shadows'.

6 Click on "Image"

7. Finally, adjust the available filters as per your image requirement.

7 Click here

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