Streamline your task management in Asana by efficiently adding goals to enhance organization and clarity. Elevate your user experience and simplify navigation by incorporating relevant goals, making task identification and tracking a breeze. This guide offers a seamless process to create and integrate goals within Asana, empowering you to optimize your project management strategies for improved efficiency and transparency.

1. Begin by selecting the 'Goals' option.

1 Click on "Goals"

2. Proceed to click on the 'Add goal' button.

2 Click on "Add goal"

3. Key in your goal in the provided text input field.

3 Click here

4. Afterward, confirm your action by tapping the 'Save goal' button.

4 Click on "Save goal"

5. Lastly, provide necessary descriptions and set your goal status as 'On track'.

5 Click on "On track"

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