To add a legend to your chart in Google Sheets, open the Chart editor by double-clicking the chart, click on "Customize," select "Legend," choose the desired position from the dropdown menu, optionally format the legend text (e.g., bold or italics) and adjust the font size, and your chart will now have a clear legend.

Step by step interactive walkthrough

Steps to How to add a legend to your chart in Google Sheets

1) Navigate to your google sheet.

2) Double click your chart to open the Chart editor.

3) Chart Editor will be opened on the right side of your screen. Click on "Customize"

4) Click on "Legend"

5) Click on Position Dropdown.

6) Select your desired legend location.

7) Optionally make your legend text bold or italics.

8) Optionally change the font size.

9) Now your chart has a clear legend!

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