Elevate your design skills in Canva by learning how to add masks to your creations. Enhance visual appeal and creativity by seamlessly incorporating masks to shape and frame your designs. This comprehensive guide takes you through the step-by-step process, providing a user-friendly tutorial on adding masks to your designs in Canva. Improve your design aesthetics and unlock new creative possibilities with this easy-to-follow guide.

1. Start by exploring the 'Elements' section in the left-hand menu.

1 Click on "Elements"

2. In this section, click on 'Frame' to view available options.

2 Click on "Frame"

3. Scroll through the options, choosing 'See all' to expand selection.

3 Click on "See all"

4. Find a frame that complements your design and add it.

4 Click here

5. Navigate back to the 'Photos' section and select 'See all' again.

5 Click on "See all"

6. Choose an image that fits your design, and drag it onto the frame.

6 Click here

7. Congratulations, you've successfully masked your image

7 Upload

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