Streamline your project management in Notion by learning how to effortlessly add sub-projects. Enhance organization and clarity in your workspace by categorizing tasks under relevant sub-projects, optimizing your workflow. This guide offers a seamless step-by-step process to create and manage sub-projects within Notion, ensuring increased efficiency and a clearer project structure.

1. First, navigate to the Timeline area.

1 Click on "Timeline"

2. Locate and click on the icon represented by three small dots.

2 Click here

3. Opt to work with the Sub-projects option.

3 Click on "Sub-projects"

4. Activate the Turn on sub-projects option for further proceedings

4 Click on "Turn on sub-projects"

5. Proceed to select the desired project to proceed with subjection.

5 Click here

6. Next, proceed to enter or connect to your chosen sub project.

6 Click on "Empty"

7. Finally, pick out your principal project to host the new sub project.

7 Click on "Sample Project: User Education"

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