Elevate your design in Canva by incorporating dynamic animations effortlessly. Enhance engagement and visual appeal by following this guide's seamless steps on adding animations to your creations. Streamline the process, boost creativity, and bring your designs to life with clear instructions for an animated touch that captivates your audience within the Canva platform.

1. Find and click on the 'Elements' to explore options.

1 Click on "Elements"

2. Choose the desired image to add to your project.

2 Click here

3. Tap on the 'Animate' option to bring life to your image.

3 Click on "Animate"

4. Choose the preferred animation type that suits your concept.

4 Click here

5. Select the 'In' option to apply the animation to your image.

5 Click on "In"

6. If you change your mind, hit 'Remove animation' to undo the effect.

6 Click on "Remove animation"

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