Streamline your collaboration in Miro by incorporating "invite-only" access to your boards. Enhance user control and simplify board navigation by adding relevant restrictions for exclusive access. This comprehensive guide offers a seamless process to implement "invite-only" settings in Miro, ensuring heightened efficiency and clarity in collaborative efforts within the platform. Optimize your teamwork with this user-friendly guide tailored for effective access management in Miro.

1. Navigate to 'Boards in this team'

1 Click on "Boards in this team"

2. Proceed to the 'Marketing team' section

2 Click on "Marketing team"

3. Select 'Permissions' from the dropdown menu

3 Click on "Permissions"

4. Reset the team settings by clicking on the radio button

4 Click here

5. Authorize chosen person to share and accept invites by clicking the radio button

5 Click here

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