Streamline your design process in Canva by incorporating shapes to enhance visual appeal and organization. Elevate your creative endeavors and simplify design navigation with this user-friendly guide on adding shapes. Follow the seamless steps provided to effortlessly integrate shapes into your designs, ensuring enhanced efficiency and clarity within the Canva platform.

1. Let's get started, create your design.

1 Click on "Create a design"

2. Choose your preferred document type.

2 Click on "Whiteboard


3. Click to bring up available 'Elements'.

3 Click here

4. Find the 'Shapes' section and view all options.

4 Click on "See all"

5. Select the desired shape for your design.

5 Click here

6. Adjust the shape to meet your design need.

6 Click here

7. Rotate your shape to fit the design.

7 Click here

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