Enhance your project management in Jira by efficiently adding watchers to keep stakeholders informed and engaged. Elevate collaboration and streamline communication by assigning relevant watchers to your tasks, ensuring easy tracking of progress and updates. This guide offers a straightforward process to seamlessly add and utilize watchers within Jira, empowering you to optimize project visibility and foster efficient team communication within the platform.

1. Start by entering the ticket you're in search of.

1 Click here

2. Next, select and open your desired ticket from the results.

2 Click on "•"

3. Then, click on the 'eye' icon located on the open ticket.

3 Click here

4. Now, select 'Add watchers' to modify the watcher settings.

4 Click on "Add watchers"

5. Proceed to manage the watchers, add or remove as needed.

5 Click on "ns"

6. Lastly, confirm your modification

6 Click on "2"

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