Revolutionize your document collaboration in ClickUp with our comprehensive guide on annotating documents. Elevate your workflow by adding comments, highlights, and annotations seamlessly. Enhance team communication, streamline information sharing, and boost productivity with this step-by-step guide, ensuring a clear and efficient document annotation process within the ClickUp platform.

1. Firstly, click to open the selected task.

1 Click here

2. Then, select the 'Upload' option to attach a document.

2 Click on "upload"

3. Navigate to 'Upload file' and click on it.

3 Click on "Upload file"

4. Open the file you just uploaded.

4 Click here

5. Next, choose 'Add comment' to annotate.

5 Click on "Add comment"

6. Select your annotation area and click to add a comment.

6 Click on "Click to add comment"

7. After entering your comment, click 'Send'.

7 Click on "Send"

8. Close the comment viewer when you're finished annotating.

8 Click here

9. Next, head to 'Action Items' for comment resolutions.

9 Click on "Action Items"

10. Mark the checkbox to confirm and complete the annotation process.

10 Click here

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