Why you may want to set up auto-forwarding for Google Groups

Companies may opt to auto-forward emails from a Google Workspace Group for automations, context sharing, or syncing their emails (i.e. a group support email) with an external ticketing platform like HelpScout or Zendesk.

By setting up auto-forwarding, organizations can centralize correspondence from the group into specific inboxes, enhancing collaboration and timely response.

Some things to watch out for:

  • Google Groups adds an unsubscribe footer to emails sent to members that are not a part of your domain. This means each email that is forwarded will also include unsubscribe options for the group. Keep in mind that as per Google, there is no option to disable that footer.
  • You will likely need to adjust settings for this specific Google Workspace Group, so please check in with the Google Workspace administrator that created your group as needed.

How to enable auto-forwarding for Google Workspace Groups

1. Navigate to Google Workspace and search for "groups" in the provided field.

1 Click here

2. Next, click on 'Groups'.

2 Click on "Groups"

3. Now, please select the specific group from the list.

3 Click on "example"

4. Click on "Access Settings" on this page.

4 Click here

5. After that, select the checkbox near the group specifications.

5 Click on ""

6. If you want external parties to be able to email this group, select "External" for Contact group owners and Who can Post.

6 Click on "
External can ..."

7. After adjusting the settings, click the toggle to allow external members.

7 Click here

8. Ensure settings are correct and click 'Save'.

8 Click on "SAVE"

9. Add members to the group by clicking 'Add Members'.

9 Click on "Add members"

10. Navigate to Google Groups and search for the group you want to forward emails from.

11. Now type the email of the address you want to forward group emails to.

11 Click here

12. Click 'Add members' to finalize.

12 Click on "Add members"

13. Your emails will now be forwarded. Test this out by sending a test email in the following hours.

13 Click here

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