Revamp your design process in Canva by effortlessly changing image colors with this comprehensive guide. Elevate visual appeal and customization by mastering the seamless process of modifying image colors to suit your aesthetic preferences. Enhance your design projects with this user-friendly tutorial, empowering you to navigate Canva's features efficiently and infuse vibrant creativity into your visuals.

1. Start by clicking the 'Design' tab.

1 Click on "Design"

2. Proceed by selecting the background image.

2 Click here

3. Now click on 'Edit photo.'

3 Click on "Edit photo"

4. Next, look for and click on 'Adjust.'

4 Click on "Adjust"

5. Use the given slider to modify image colors.

5 Click here

6. Further refine color by adjusting temperature and tint.

6 Click here

7. Finally, observe your freshly modified image.

7 Click here

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