What is Apollo.io?

Apollo.io is a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement platform that helps businesses to streamline their prospecting, outreach and sales automation efforts.

Who is Apollo.io best suited for?

Sales professionals, recruitment agents, and marketing teams find Apollo.io particularly beneficial. This tool aids in finding, engaging, and connecting with leads and prospects efficiently, ultimately helping to close deals quicker and more effectively.

How to change sender email for Apollo sequence

1. Start by clicking on 'Sequences'.

1 Click on "Sequences"

2. Then, select the sequence you want to edit. Like this one.

2 Click on "Joseph Lee
2 steps
2:30 pm"

3. Proceed by clicking on 'Emails'.

3 Click on "Emails"

4. Now find and click on the checkbox on the top left.

4 Click here

5. Choose just the ones on this page, or apply the selection to every contact scheduled in this sequence.

5 Click on "Select all emails (386)"

6. Proceed with the next action; clicking the designated button for emailing from different user.

6 Click here

7. Next, choose your desired account to email these folks from.

7 Click here

8. Lastly, find and select the 'Email from Different User' option to finish the process.

8 Click on "Cancel
Email from Different User"

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