Enhance your Trello experience by customizing the background to suit your preferences and improve visual organization. Follow these steps to change the background in Trello effortlessly.

1. Tap the menu bar to see more settings.

1 Click here

2. Locate and select the 'Change background' option.

2 Click on " Change background"

3. Choose the photo's section to find desired backgrounds.

3 Click here

4. Find a background you fancy and click on it.

4 Click on "Artur Adilkhanian"

5. Go back to the previous settings with the 'Change background bar'.

5 Click here
6 Click here

7. Browse through the customization options to adjust accordingly.

7 Click here

8. Set your display type according to your preference.

8 Click on "Tile"

9. Personalize your board text to match your aesthetic.

9 Click on "Dark"

10. Remove current background by clicking 'Delete background' if desired.

10 Click on "Delete background."

11. Press 'Delete' again to confirm the removal.

11 Click here

12. Go back to revert the changes to the former background.

12 Upload

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