Ace the craftsmanship of customizing your Airtable database with a step-by-step guide on changing the primary field. Open modern conceivable outcomes by learning how to easily rethink the center identifier in your tables, engaging you to organize and analyze your information with accuracy and effectiveness.

Step by step interactive walkthrough

Steps to How to Change the Primary Field in Airtable

1) Navigate to Airtable and Open a document.

2) Select the first field and double click on the head of the field.

3) A dropdown box will appear. Click on that.

4) Click on "Formula"

5) Click here "on the textbox"

6) Type CONCATENATE({First Name}," ",{Last Name})

(Type the second field heading and the third field heading of your document. In my case its ''First Name'' and ''Last Name'')

7) Click on "Save"

8) Your Primary field has been changed.

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