Streamline your experience on Apollo.io with our comprehensive guide on changing video conferencing channels. Enhance workflow efficiency by easily organizing and categorizing your communication channels. Improve user navigation and clarity by providing step-by-step instructions for seamlessly switching video conferencing channels within the Apollo.io platform. Elevate your virtual collaboration with this guide, empowering users to optimize their communication strategies.

1. Navigate to the 'Meetings' on your dashboard.

1 Click on "Meetings"

2. Proceed to 'Settings' from the menu.

2 Click on "Settings"

3. Click 'Connect' to change the video conference platform.

3 Click on "Connect"
4 Click here

5. Locate and click on the icon with three vertical dots.

5 Click here

6. Finalize your changes by selecting 'Set as default'.

6 Click on "Set as default"

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