Streamline your workflow in Apollo.io by cloning your sequences effortlessly. Enhance user efficiency and simplify navigation by duplicating sequences with ease. This guide offers a seamless step-by-step process to clone your sequences, providing heightened efficiency and clarity in managing your outreach strategies within the Apollo.io platform.

1. Let's start by selecting the 'Sequences' option.

1 Click on "Sequences"

2. Next, choose the sequence you want to clone.

2 Click on "Nithileashwar's..."

3. See the 'More' button? Please click on it.

3 Click on "More"

4. Now, look for and select the 'Clone' option.

4 Click on "Clone"

5. Please check the 'Permissions' and adjust if necessary.

5 Click on "Team can view and use"

6. Are you satisfied? If so, let's proceed by hitting 'Clone'.

6 Click on "Clone"

7. Congrats! You've successfully cloned your sequence

7 Click here

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