Effectively managing your products in Totango requires optimizing configurations and ensuring trusted domains are set up correctly. This guide provides a step-by-step process to configure settings and trusted domains in Totango, enhancing your workflow and ensuring a seamless experience for users.

1. Start by accessing the side bar.

1 Click here

2. Next, locate and select 'Settings'.

2 Click on "Settings"

3. Under settings, seek out 'General'.

3 Click on "General"

4. Look for 'Email Notifications' to set up.

4 Click on "Email Notifications"

5. Now, focus on 'Financial Year Settings'.

5 Click on "Financial Year Settings"

6. Time to manage 'Campaigns from other Teams'.

6 Click on "Campaigns from other Teams"

7. Proceed to configure 'SuccessPlay from other Teams'.

7 Click on "SuccessPlay from other Teams"

8. Enable the 'Scan for virus on file upload' setting.

8 Click on "Scan for virus on file upload"

9. Input trusted domain to share customer information.

9 Click on "Enter domain"

10. Opt to include Custom walkthrough script.

10 Click on "Add Custom walkthrough script"

11. Enter in the provided space, your Script URL.

11 Click here

12. Tick the 'Block Archived Accounts' box.

12 Click on "Block Archived Accounts"

13. Finally, 'Grant Access' to Support Account for finalized scripts.

13 Click on "Support Account Access"

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