Streamline your project management in Asana by seamlessly connecting it with Google Drive. Enhance collaboration and organization by linking relevant documents directly to your tasks. This guide offers a step-by-step process to effortlessly integrate Asana with Google Drive, providing a cohesive platform for efficient file management and improved project clarity. Optimize your workflow and boost productivity with this comprehensive guide on connecting Asana with Google Drive.

1. Start by selecting 'My tasks' from the sidebar.

1 Click on "My tasks"

2. Find and choose the 'Customize' option.

2 Click on "Customize"

3. Seek out and pick the 'Apps' option

3 Click on "Image"

4. Spot the desired app and hit on it.

4 Click on "Image"

5. Now, click on your chosen application, Google Drive.

5 Click on "Google Drive"

6. Continue the process by choosing the 'Add to project' prompt.

6 Click on "Add to project"

7. Awaiting is 'Connect to Google Drive'

7 Click on "Connect to Google Drive"
8 Click on "Allow"

9. A confirmation bubble pops up

9 Click on "Got it!"

10. A task awaits your attention

10 Click here

11. Now, you want to insert the Google Drive file.

11 Click on "Add Google Drive file"
12 Click here
13 Click on "Add"

14. Celebrate! Your connection between Asana and Google Drive is accomplished!

14 Click on "Image"

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