Streamline your calendar management with Apollo.io by connecting your meetings effortlessly. Enhance productivity by organizing and categorizing your calendar events, improving user experience. This guide offers a seamless process to link your calendar meetings to Apollo.io, providing an efficient way to optimize scheduling and clarity in your workflow within the Apollo.io platform.

1. Start by selecting 'Meetings' from the menu.

1 Click on "Meetings"
2 Click on "Connect your calendar"

3. Proceed by typing your desired email address.

3 Click on "Connect"

4. Activate the connection by pressing 'Connect'.

4 Upload

5. Confirm your action by hitting 'OK'.

5 Click on "OK"
6 Click here

7. Adjust your time zone by selecting from the list.

7 Click on "(GMT+05:30) Asia/Kolkata"

8. Specify a meeting location from the dropdown menu.

8 Click on "Select a meeting location"

9. Finalize your setup by clicking 'Continue'.

9 Click on "Continue"

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