Streamline your tasks in Google Sheets with this comprehensive guide on copying and pasting charts. Elevate your data presentation by effortlessly duplicating and transferring charts within the platform. Improve your workflow, enhance clarity, and save time as you follow the seamless steps outlined in this guide. Master the art of duplicating charts in Google Sheets, ensuring a more efficient and organized data management experience.

1. Select the chart you want to copy.

1 Click here

2. Locate the chart's control settings, represented by three vertical dots.

2 Click here

3. Choose the 'Copy chart' option from the drop-down menu.

3 Click on "Copy chart"

4. Then go back to your spreadsheet where you want the chart to be pasted.

4 Click on " "

5. Select 'Paste' from the control options to paste the copied chart.

5 Click on "Paste

6. A successful paste will close this action and your copied chart now appears in the new location.

6 Click on " 

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