Streamline your scheduling in Notion by creating an efficient calendar system. Enhance user organization and simplify date management with step-by-step instructions on how to craft a personalized calendar within the Notion platform. This comprehensive guide ensures a seamless process, empowering you to optimize your planning and scheduling endeavors for increased efficiency and clarity within the Notion workspace.

1. Let's get started! Click on 'New page' to create a fresh workspace.

1 Click on "New page"

2. Now click on 'More' to view additional features.

2 Click on "More"

3. Find and click on the 'Calendar' to create your scheduling board.

3 Click on "Calendar"

4. 'New Database' is next, click on that.

4 Click on "New database"

5. Good job! Your new calendar has been created.

5 Click on "11"

6. Adding tasks is next - find and click on '+' for the desired date.

6 Click here

7. Finally, click on the space provided to enter task details.

7 Click here

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