Efficiently manage your email campaigns with MailerLite by following this step-by-step guide on creating impactful campaigns. Organize your content, personalize messages, and optimize engagement with user-friendly features. This comprehensive tutorial ensures a seamless process, empowering you to enhance efficiency and clarity in your email marketing efforts within the MailerLite platform.

1. Start by clicking 'Create campaign' on your dashboard.

1 Click on "Build professio..."

2. Choose the type of campaign you want to initiate.

2 Click on "Regular campaig..."

3. Enter all necessary details required for your campaign.

3 Click here

4. Identify and select your target audience, 'Marketing teams' for instance.

4 Click on "Marketing teams
Exclude group"

5. After making your selection, click 'Next: Content' to proceed.

5 Click on "Campaign detail..."

6. Choose your preferred editor and hit 'Continue'.

6 Click on "Continue"

7. Customize your campaign to suit your needs and preview it.

7 Click on "Preview and test "

8. If satisfied with your customization, click 'Done editing'.

8 Click on "Done editing"

9. Schedule the campaign's launch time as per your preference.

9 Click on "Send later
Set ..."

10. Finally, click 'Send' to launch your campaign.

10 Click on "Send"

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