Streamline your project management in Asana by creating custom tasks to tailor your workflow. Enhance user experience and improve task organization with customized tags, allowing for easy identification and seamless navigation. This guide offers a straightforward process for creating and implementing custom tasks in Asana, empowering you to optimize efficiency and clarity in your project management endeavors within the Asana platform.

1. Begin by clicking 'Create'.

1 Click on "Create"

2. Next, locate and select the 'custom field'.

2 Click on "Task"

3. Submit your information in the provided text input.

3 Click here

4. Subsequently, choose 'Project' to categorize your task.

4 Click on "Project"

5. Illustrate your project by selecting from the icon options.

5 Click here

6. Afterwards, lock in details by clicking 'Create task'.

6 Click on "Create task"

7. Navigate to 'My tasks' next.

7 Click on "My tasks"

8. Search for, and then click on your newly created task.

8 Click here

9. Input any remarks or further details in the 'Add a comment' section.

9 Click on "N2
Add a commen..."

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