Streamline your data management in Google Sheets by mastering the art of creating filters. Optimize your workflow by organizing and categorizing information effortlessly. Elevate user experience with custom filters for easy data identification and retrieval. This comprehensive guide walks you through a seamless process, empowering you to efficiently create and apply filters in Google Sheets. Enhance your data management strategies, ensuring increased efficiency and clarity in your spreadsheet tasks.

1. Start by selecting the entire list on screen.

1 Click here

2. After selection, find and click the 'Insert' option.

2 Click on "Insert"

3. Proceed by selecting the 'Function' option.

3 Click on "Function

4. Next, spot and click on 'Filter►' from the dropdown.

4 Click on "Filter

5. Now, click on 'Filters a range based off provided conditions'.

5 Click on "Filters a range..."

6. Finally, set up your filter as needed and apply changes.

6 Click here

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