Streamline your data collection process with ease by learning how to create dynamic forms in Airtable. From surveys to feedback forms, empower yourself with the knowledge to effortlessly design customizable and user-friendly forms, making data gathering a breeze with this step by step interactive guide.

Step by step interactive walkthrough.

Steps to How to create a form in Airtable

1) Navigate to Airtable and open a document.

2) Click on "Form"

3) Click on "Create new view"

4)  The Form is now active, you can edit according to your needs.

5) Click on "Add a logo" to add a logo.

6) Click on "Add a cover image" to add a cover page.

7) The form layout will be as of your selected document.

8) You can change the settings of the form through these options available at the bottom.

9) You can add different fields to be included in the form.

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