Efficiently manage your projects in Airtable by creating a project tracker that organizes and categorizes tasks. Elevate your project management experience, streamline navigation, and enhance clarity by implementing relevant tags. This guide offers a seamless step-by-step process for creating and utilizing a project tracker in Airtable, empowering you to optimize efficiency and stay organized throughout your project lifecycle.

1. Begin with, find and select 'Start with templates'.

1 Click on "Start with templates"

2. Now, navigate to 'Project Management'.

2 Click on "Project Management"

3. Look for 'Project Tracker', and proceed by clicking on it.

3 Click here

4. Click 'Use template' to begin your project.

4 Click on "Use template"

5. Select your workspace where this project will reside.

5 Click on "My First Workspace"

6. Confirm by clicking 'Add base'.

6 Click on "Add base"

7. Fantastic! Your project tracker is ready and opened in a new tab.

7 Click on "Brand refresh and redesign"

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